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We love building websites for hotels, restaurants, management companies and brands – it’s one of the things we’re expert at. However, when we reviewed our own site, we realized we had areas for improvement and set out to create a fresh and updated website to properly showcase our products and services.

The process was long and difficult, but it was worth it. In between building sites for our many clients, we set out to update the pages, formatting and content to bring everything up to date. This project involved collaboration from all corners of Vizergy – from design, copy, corporate marketing and executive teams. Gabe Hovatter, one of our web developers, spoke about the collaboration saying, “I’m proud of how so many of our departments have come together to make our new website a reality. It was a long collaborative effort, but I think the end product is a great example of how we can make websites a reality for our clients.

One of our favorite parts of the build was playing around with the animation on site. This brings the content to life and not only draws attention to our design skills, but also adds dimension to the copy and our services.

animated gif Vizergy

Our “Solutions” tab allowed us to get into the mindset of “what our products and services can do for our customers” rather than just listing simple explanations. We’ve sorted based on our clients’ regular concerns and goals, so they know what solutions we offer for their specific needs. For example, if a client wants to attract more guests to their property, they know that SEO, paid media, email marketing, and database marketing are options for generating new guests.

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We also used a number of custom widgets to make the site more interesting and navigable. Reflecting on the elements of the site, Gabe said, “We’ve realized that, just like our customers, we can use custom widgets to our advantage as long as there’s a good idea behind it.”

Through collaboration, creativity and technical knowledge, we were able to create an updated site that we are proud of. If you want to refresh your site, add a new custom widget, or reinvent it entirely, let’s talk.

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For more than 20 years, Vizergy has served the hospitality industry with cutting-edge marketing technologies, knowledgeable talent and exceptional service for its customers around the world. The company deploys complete travel lifecycle marketing solutions, from conversion-optimized website design to award-winning digital marketing programs, booking solutions, media planning and execution. Vizergy’s platform is touted as the #1 digital marketing system – easy to use, turnkey, and SMART, and continually enhanced with tools to help hotels compete and maximize revenue. At Vizergy, hotel marketing is not only our mission, it is our only objective. For more information, visit

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