Visa on arrival hotel booking on Discover Qatar website

The full-stay hotel reservation option for visitors seeking a visa on arrival in Qatar has returned to the Discover Qatar website, with reservations available from April 14.
Discover Qatar had added the Visa on Arrival hotel booking option for Indian, Pakistani and Iranian nationals about a week ago but later removed it.
On Wednesday, the Visa on Arrival hotel booking option was found to be back on the Discover Qatar website.
The website provides a link to the relevant Ministry of Interior (MoI) website ( and states: “The hotels available on this page are exclusively available for those who are required by the Ministry of Interior of the State of Qatar, to purchase a hotel reservation in order to satisfy their visa application.”
“For more information on the visa requirement, please visit the Home Office website,” it says, urging people to read the terms and conditions before finalizing their booking.

For those who need the help of a travel agent to make their hotel reservation, the following travel agencies are accredited to sell Discover Qatar hotels:
At the tip, India: +91 99 3036 0346
PCG, Iran: +98 21 8850 8050
Travel with Flair, Pakistan: +92 51 2601658 and +92 51 2601659

The hotel reservation obligation has always existed for certain nationalities, but it is now made compulsory by Discover Qatar for those who need it.
The Home Office website allows people of different nationalities to check the requirements for visa on arrival or other types of visas. The requirements differ according to nationality and country of residence.
On Wednesday, some residents said on social media platforms that the hotel reservation requirement was back for visitors seeking visas on arrival, with Ehteraz’s pre-arrival registration website asking a hotel reservation for the entire stay in Qatar via the Discover Qatar website.
Calling the Discover Qatar customer service number, residents got different responses. While some were advised to contact the MoI, others were advised that hotel booking is required from 14 April for the three nationalities mentioned above, and the check-in website prior to arrival d’Ehteraz also asked for it.

Last update: April 14, 2022 2:36 p.m.

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