The Israeli government creates a website to recruit in the tourism and aviation industries

The Israeli Ministries of Tourism and Transport are initiating a procedure to address the shortage of employees in tourism and aviation and the resulting congestion, and create a dedicated website offering jobs in tourism-related industries.

The Ministries are calling on companies and business owners working in tourism, aviation, transport, border control and other areas related to the tourism industry to post their job vacancies on the website which is about to be implemented. The website will publish a description of the job and the region of the country it is being offered in, and include a link to the employer’s website for further details.

Along with the creation of the employment website, a marketing campaign will encourage the public to consider job postings and join an industry that has enormous growth potential, especially right now. The return of foreign tourists to Israel and the enormous congestion at Ben-Gurion International Airport, against the backdrop of a severe shortage of employees, are deteriorating the quality of service and driving up prices. In a survey conducted by the Ministry of Tourism among hotels in Israel, about 80 of them expressed interest in help recruiting employees for a variety of jobs through a dedicated website. The ministry has also received numerous requests for information from companies in the tourism sector which are also suffering from a shortage of employees.

“The queues at Ben Gurion Airport, the level of service in hotels which has been affected, and many other problems caused by the shortage of employees, require us to come up with creative solutions,” the minister said. of Tourism Yoel Razvozov. “Therefore, together with my friend, Minister of Transport Merav Michaeli, we are embarking on a process that will connect the public to job vacancies in tourism-related industries, such as aviation and border control.”

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