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Marriott has done a website refresh (have you seen the updated pages?) which seems to have thrown things off balance somewhat based on recent experiences the readers and I have had.

There were a lot of issues in 2017 and 2018 when Marriott last underwent a major interface update.

You can access Marriott here.

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Recent issues:

The website does not load at all and you get a white screen of death.

The website keeps loading because some calls are never completed. You cannot continue.

You cannot log in and Marriott is asking for our patience.

I’ve also had the experience (didn’t take a screenshot) when suddenly the website or app no ​​longer shows any properties in destinations where many affiliated hotels exist. There are also often RED BANNER on the app that they can’t load some information (unable to login) and try again later.


I’m still baffled why these travel agencies that depend on consumer bookings can’t come together and have functioning websites? Don’t they do quality tests before implementing updates? Marriott is not the only travel provider to have struggled lately, but not to the extent of BA.

Surely having something that doesn’t work often must lead to missed sales when consumers turn to competitors or book through an OTA?

If I can’t book on my own using a website or app, I just book somewhere else. I use my time better than calling reservations who may be able to book unless the central system is down and not just the website interface.

What challenges have you encountered recently with the Marriott website or app?

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