Scammers create fake South Mumbai hotel website to trick customers, reserved

Cyber ​​crooks created a fake three-star hotel website in South Mumbai and gave out their phone numbers to trick customers who would call to book a hotel room into asking for prepayment. However, when the hotel authorities learned of the bogus website, they filed an FIR with the local MRA marg police station on January 4.

The hotel is located on the PD Mello road and has a total of 76 rooms. The hotel also has a website with all the details and photos of the rooms. On January 2, one of their regular customers called them and informed them that there was a fake hotel website on the internet made by cyber scams.

Upon verification, the hotel authorities found this to be true. The fraudsters had given three mobile numbers on the fake website. The manager called one of the cell phone numbers and a fraudster posing as a certain Shahid Shaikh said he was speaking from the hotel in Mumbai. The scammer said he could book a hotel room after making a prepayment and gave his bank account details.

The hotel manager established that they were fraudsters and immediately reported the matter to the police and an FIR was subsequently registered. A new investigation is underway to find the accused.

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