Romania will implement EC recommendations on reducing electricity consumption

Romania will reduce its electricity consumption by 10% (voluntarily) and 5% during peak hours (compulsory) and “collect” revenues above EUR 180 per MWh from the sale of electricity from December 2022 to June 2023 – in accordance with the “political consensus” reached between the member states of the European Union, announced the Minister of Energy Virgil Popescu.

The funds “collected” from energy companies will be used to finance social protection measures.

In addition, a “solidarity tax” will be levied on companies involved in the transformation of fossil fuels.

Asked explicitly how the electricity cuts of 10% and 5% respectively will be applied, Minister Popescu assured that households would not be affected – only industrial consumers, Adevarul reported. It is not clear, however, how the 10% and 5% reductions will be calculated (compared to what) and which industrial consumers will be delivered with less electricity.

The European Commission has also recommended that Member States reduce their electricity consumption by more than 10% and, in this regard, companies could be incentivized.

Romania has the lowest per capita electricity consumption in the European Union, 2.7 MWh per year, compared to 6.6 MWh in Germany, according to Mediafax, citing the latest global statistics from the International Energy Agency .

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