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LONDON, UK / ACCESSWIRE / October 24, 2022 / Visit the new official Reakiro CBD UK online store at – Reakiro Official UK Online Shop

Reakiro, the industry-leading European hemp and CBD manufacturer, celebrates its sixth year of breakthroughs and innovations in this ever-changing and expanding space. When the company started, CBD had not yet become a household name. And beyond that, many people who had heard of CBD were skeptical of its uses and safety. From that initial skepticism, Reakiro overcame the uncertainty and set out to inform and educate as many people as possible about the potential natural benefits of hemp and CBD products.

This mission to bring awareness to the natural ingredient has set Reakiro above many others, but of course much of the company’s success is due to the innovation and quality that goes into the formulation of his products. Quality has always been at the forefront of Reakiro’s messages to the public, each product is made with premium Reakiro CBD extract from carefully cultivated hemp plants.

To gain the trust of customers and wholesalers, Reakiro has implemented a fully traceable structure in its production processes. From seed to sale, the Reakiro team controls every aspect of production. And once the final product is formulated, each batch is sent to an independent third-party lab for testing – results can be easily found on Reakiro’s website. All Reakiro CBD Oil is manufactured in its own HACCP, GMP and CHP certified facilities using advanced hyper cryogenic ethanol extraction.

As the demographics of CBD takers expand, so does the demand and potential for formulating CBD in new ways. Reakiro has seen it, and this year we can see how they’ve turned those varied demands into new, invigorating wellness supplements and products.

Brand new to the line are Reakiro nutritional vitamins, which include:

  • CBD energy support
  • Omega 3
  • Immune Support
  • Metabolism Support
  • Skin Perfection Complex.

This new line of nutritional supplements has been formulated to meet a wide variety of daily wellness needs, while simply encouraging the normal functioning of internal systems. The demand for these products has come from a customer base that realizes that incorporating the right ingredients and supplements into your daily routine can have lasting effects on your quality of life and well-being.

Reakiro has also expanded its Smart Restart Broad Spectrum CBD line this year, cementing its place in the market as a producer of premium Full Spectrum CBD and premium Broad Spectrum CBD products. While full-spectrum products contain all components of the hemp plant in their natural structure, which enhances the overall effect, broad-spectrum products contain 0% THC (tetrahydrocannabinol), making them more accessible to a much larger audience.

The Smart Restart range includes:

  • Anti-stress massage oil
  • Muscle relaxant massage oil
  • Antiperspirant foot cream
  • Muscle and joint relief balm
  • Warming gel to relieve muscles
  • Refreshing Muscle Relief Gel

Broad-spectrum Smart Restart products are topical formulations that should be applied to the skin. This range has been formulated specifically for athletes, to aid the recovery process between training and matches. Reakiro also offers broad-spectrum products for oral or sublingual use, which can be found in their SOOL range.

And in addition to the strides Reakiro has made in the quality and range of its hemp and CBD products, the European company has also increased its availability across the continent over the past year. Thanks to a strong new partnership with leading health supplement store Holland & Barrett, Reakiro is now sold and recognized on the high streets of the UK.

Such has been the success of Reakiro products in the UK, the company has now launched a website specifically for its UK customers who can now benefit from reduced shipping costs, faster delivery times and the ability to do their purchases in their own currency. UK customers can also now participate in a brand new loyalty program, earning points by shopping online and referring friends and family to the world of hemp and CBD.

This year has also been monumental for the UK CBD market, with the UK becoming the first country to regulate CBD in food. The Food Standard Agency has compiled a list of 3,500 CBD-containing products approved for sale. All products not listed have been removed from sale. This effort to regulate the booming market comes after years of uncontrollable growth. But for high-quality, trustworthy manufacturers, this is a welcome change. The CBD products that are now available in the UK are expected to be of regulated high quality, while lower quality operations will have been driven from the market.

The UK is now the second largest CBD market in the world, ranking only behind the US. The CBD industry is estimated to be worth £1 billion by 2025, which says a lot about the growth rate and expansion of this product from being relatively unknown 5 years ago to becoming an ingredient in omnipresent well-being.

And it’s not just in stores (whether physical or virtual) that you can find Reakiro products these days. The company has now partnered with Myoka Spas, Malta’s leading spa chain, to supply a number of hotel spas including the Dolmen Hotel, St Paul’s Bay; The Palace Hotel, Sliema; Radisson, St Julians; Maritim Antoinette Hotel, Mellieha.

Understanding the true potential of this hemp-based component is something that an ever-increasing number of people, from farmers to scientists, are working towards. With 2023 not too far around the corner, it’s not easy to predict how much the CBD industry will change in shape and size over the next few months and months. For anyone who uses wellness supplements, it is exciting to see new products and formulations being developed and brought to market.

As Reakiro continues to grow, in size and scope, and customer service remains at the top of the company’s agenda; it is exciting to see how Reakiro will continue to navigate this evolving landscape for the CBD industry.

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