Public consultation website launched on Clifden Regeneration Plans – Connacht Tribune – Galway City Tribune:

Galway Bay FM Newsroom – An action group which is concerned about the creation of a greenway in east Galway has complained that it is not being given a fair hearing over its concerns over the scheme.

At this week’s meeting of Galway County Council, Councilor Geraldine Donoghue highlighted the fear expressed by the East Galway Greenway action group

Councilor Geraldine Donoghue told the Council meeting that the East Galway Greenway Action Group had several concerns and did not understand why the greenway could not be traced along the roads.

They were also trying to find out what type of agriculture was prohibited near the greenway project.

Councilor Donohue said concerns had become acute following reports from England of a walker being killed by cattle, leading to the conviction of a farmer.

Councilor Donoghue said signage along the Greenway takes on a new urgency given incidents like this.

She said the Greenway Action Group felt the issues were not taken seriously enough.

Council Chairman Peter Keaveney said cows will attack in certain circumstances, particularly after calving.

Councilor Jim Cuddy had concerns about the upkeep of the Greenway walls and their upkeep.

County CEO Jim Cullen said Co Council and Transport Infrastructure Ireland would carry out the maintenance and Services Manager Derek Pender said talks would be held with the Greenway Group at any time.

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