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We’re on tour in Germany this week, and we’re spending hours at a training camp in Donaueschingen. Peter Gilham is back to describe the second day of behind-the-scenes activities from Keane Lewis-Potter’s first day with the team.

Undoubtedly, as in the UK, it was a beautiful morning with cloudless skies welcoming us to a new day.

Breakfast was available to all at a time of their choosing for a two hour period from 7.30am, given the difficult day of travel and training yesterday, and no doubt the prospect of an even tougher training day ahead.

Afterwards, Thomas addressed the group, welcoming Keane who had arrived late the previous evening and detailing the day’s itinerary. It was a medical preparation before a training program consisting of warm-ups, box work, small groups and an 11 against 11.

As it happened, the training session continued until just 1 p.m., when the well-worked out players and staff all returned to the hotel by whatever transport they chose (buggy, bicycle or legs) for lunch.

Steven Pressley, our Individual Development Manager, made good use of his own attributes working as “Lollipop Man” at the junction between the one lane path between the fields and the main road we had to cross to get to the ground where us (it is the proverbial that we form.

The afternoon was an opportunity for those who wished to take a dip in the excellent indoor and outdoor pools available to them, or simply let their well-worked limbs and muscles take a well-deserved rest.

Then at 5 p.m. it was back on the pitch for a late afternoon session involving set pieces and other niceties from our esteemed coaches, well-stocked repertoires that have kept us going so far. in a good position – if last season’s performance has anything to do with it. .

My intention is to try to detail for you some of the training sessions planned for the players (so that you can try them at home), and in this regard I will ask the help of one of the first class teams of Athletic The performance staff who together play such a crucial role in preparing the players physically for the sessions that follow.

For now, I can only stand and marvel at the energy levels exerted by players in this heat when lesser mortals like me can barely spend too long outside before wilting.

After 7 p.m., he was back at the hotel to prepare dinner. An hour later, as expected, we heard the clinking of glasses, a sign that the players who have already gone through the ordeal of having to sing in front of a crowd of delirious players and staff, wanted to see our newcomers on this trip, go by the same process. However, there is a twist this time around, which I won’t reveal just yet.

And so, to bed.

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