Out of stock Walmart items on the app and website? You’re not alone

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Walmart is one of the largest and most popular supermarket chains in the United States. At least one Walmart branch is usually present in major regions of the country.

Like other current supermarket chains, you can shop in person or online. You can place orders comfortably from home or wherever you are thanks to the website and the mobile application.

However, there is currently an outage on Walmart’s servers causing all items and products to show as “out of stock” to all shoppers.

Out-of-stock Walmart items on the app and website

According to multiple reports, currently every Walmart item shoppers are looking for is showing up as “out of stock”, preventing them from making purchases.


@Walmart @walmarthelp WHY IS EVERYTHING OUT OF STOCK ON YOUR SITE? ? 1st with the constant turnover so it was almost impossible to order, & now this crap! When will we be reimbursed for the $98 annual fee we paid to post an Out of Stock sign???

@walmart PLEASE restock Bullets Orange Vinyl I’m begging you, I need it so badly!! I’m devastated every day I go without. Walmart I don’t think you understand how negatively this affects my mental health. every day i check the website and it is out of stock i

Staying in a hotel out of town without a single bar of soap in my name. I’ve tried to get delivery from Walmart and everything I’ve tried is out of stock. Dove, lever, dial, backup, has to be the cleanest city ever. #SoapLessInCookeville

The problem affects both the app and the supermarket chain’s website.

@Walmart is there an ETA to get the app and website up and running again? 👀 Apparently it’s not just me having problems 😬

Server status trackers like “Down Detector” also reflect growing reports of the current Walmart server crash:


Walmart team begins asking for related feedback

The Walmart team is just beginning to seek feedback from users affected by the issue. Thus, it is not yet clear when the platform will operate normally again.

We’d like to dig deeper into that, Marz! Can you send us a DM with the details of what you are going through?

We will be monitoring the situation to update this story with any new developments that arise in the future.

Update 1 (September 14, 2022)

5:35 p.m. (IST): The recent issue with Walmart where items were showing as out of stock on the app and website appears to have been resolved as we haven’t come across any new reports on Downdetector.

Featured Image: Walmart

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