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For a very long time, I was confused about how I felt about turning 21. Turning 18 was a big milestone, and turning 20 last year was the start of a new decade of life. 21, however, seemed daunting in the sense that adulthood was taking over faster than expected. From being a senior in college, to graduating next year, to constantly applying for full-time jobs, time has flown by much faster than I think any of us have. had achieved. Birthdays in general are always something that excites me more discreetly, but this year, I wanted to make it a point to celebrate myself.

Amherst is the most quaint little town with its own attractions, but physically and mentally I’ve always been a big city girl. So naturally Boston was a strong contender for a weekend of fun with nine of my friends just two hours away. We planned out our entire weekend, choosing a hotel in downtown Boston where we wouldn’t have to spend money on Ubers. Brunches were about a 10-15 minute walk away; if there is any advice i would suggest for planning a weekend in a new city, proximity matters!

We arrived in Boston around 6pm on Friday – which was my birthday – and spent the evening exploring the nightlife, then went out for brunch the next day. If there’s one place I would recommend from this entire trip, it would definitely be Worden Hall; we spent an afternoon there for brunch before shopping on Newbury Street. They were very accommodating of our large group, and the food ranged from breakfast burritos to full english to breakfast pizzas – the best deals on brunch and extremely delicious food! Their truffle fries get brownie points and make a great sharing plate for the table.

All that said, it was really fun planning something for myself and others, and taking the time to make sure I was celebrate me. I’m not usually someone you would catch saying “Celebrate yourself!” a lot; I would definitely say that I suffer from terrible impostor syndrome, especially in college. Nonetheless, having this day to look forward to in the midst of endless half-term homework was a bigger boon than I expected. I would consider myself someone who is task oriented and can get lost in work without taking a good break for myself. If you recognize yourself as someone in the same boat, I really suggest that you plan even the smallest trips to expect. This will greatly increase your excitement for the week and give you something to look forward to. It might not be a great trip to town, but even going to Trader Joe’s on the weekend or making a to-do list is a win!

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