Mumbai: Fake website ruins Andheri family’s Dubai holiday tour | Bombay News

MUMBAI: A day before flying out for a holiday in Dubai, a Andheri The woman learned that the website through which she had booked the tour packages for seven of her family members paying Rs 2.8 lakh turned out to be fake. Even the visa, tickets, guide, taxi service and hotel reservations, for which she had paid Rs 4 lakh, were fake.
The 24-year-old learned of the existence of the fraud when she had the documents cross-checked with the authorities concerned. She became suspicious after the person she was in contact with stopped answering her calls. Andheri Police has registered a case in this regard.
The victim was tricked between October 7 and October 28 when she visited the webpage ( and inquired about the Dubai tour package. “The Cyber ​​Police team searched for details of the G Pay transactions the victim made to make the reservation. They realized they had been tricked when the fraudster stopped answering their calls on the 28th October,” an officer from the Andheri police station said. .
In the complaint, the victim said that she initially paid Rs 2.8 lakh and later the balance for the services upon arriving in Dubai. “I realized the documents mailed to me were fake after checking them with the authorities when the fraudster stopped responding to calls.”

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