Mahoney family satisfied with inquest recommendations

A Windsor family say they are impressed with the recommendations after an inquest into the death of Matthew Mahoney, who died after a confrontation with police.

Michael Mahoney believes the five-person jury that oversaw the inquest into his brother Matthew’s death went above and beyond.

“It’s very clear from the recommendations that they’ve looked very carefully at the evidence presented to them, and they’ve looked very carefully at the testimony of the experts who presented that evidence,” says Michael Mahoney.

The recommendations came after 10 days of testimonials and submissions.

Matthew Mahoney, who had been diagnosed with schizophrenia, was 33 when he was shot and killed by two Windsor police officers on the morning of March 21, 2018.

The jury determined that Matthew’s death was a homicide, which the Mahoney family agrees with. Michael Mahoney says testimony showed his brother made three attempts to evade police before the incident happened.

“To suggest that it was a suicide, someone trying to evade the police and get away from them, it just didn’t make sense,” says Michael Mahoney.

One recommendation the family considered thoughtful called for the creation of a mental health advocate role that would build a bridge between a person’s care team and family members.

“In this investigation, we talked a lot about the number of times we tried to provide information to doctors, social workers and other members of Matthew’s care team and we were never able to reach anyone. whatever,” says Michael Mahoney.

“Give us some time to look at them and see how they might be deployed,” Health Minister Sylvia Jones said of the recommendations while in Essex on Monday afternoon. “There is no doubt that we are committed to making improvements to mental health and addictions services in Ontario.

Bill Marra, CEO of Hotel Dieu Grace Healthcare, said his team will review recommendations that directly impact their operation.

“We’ve had these discussions and I just want to state publicly today that, number one, I think the recommendations make sense,” he said. “Second, we will be looking at them very carefully and not just the Mahoney family but the community as a whole can expect a very positive response.

Michael Mahoney wants the nine recommendations of the jury to be implemented and believes that it would be a shame if the agencies concerned did not make any changes.

“There was a lot to learn from this case. A few small changes that could make a huge difference in the future and bigger changes that would require policy changes,” says Michael Mahoney.

Michael says his brother’s personality was “larger than life” and he will never forget his smile and sense of humor.

“He was a sweet person despite how he died and I hope people remember that these cases are complicated and it’s important not to forget the person in their midst,” says Michael Mahoney .

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