Kempinski Hotels Unveils New Website While Improving Customer Information and Personalization Capabilities |

The new website is designed to provide easy access to information on the 81 Kempinski hotels around the world.

By HTN Staff – 11.11.2022

Founded in 1897, Kempinski Hotels is the oldest luxury hotel group in Europe. But today the company has what might be the newest website in the industry. And while the most advanced hotel technology that existed in 1897 was a chiming mahogany grandfather clock in the lobby, the company has also incorporated some of the world’s most advanced guest intelligence technology capabilities.

Reflecting Kempinski’s brand identity, the new website offers additional payment functionality and a new personalized booking engine seamlessly integrated into the hotel group‘s central reservation systems, reducing the rate loading effort required by each hotel and improving upselling capabilities.

The new website is designed to provide easy access to information on the 81 Kempinski hotels around the world. According to the company, it offers easy navigation and is a more valuable and responsive resource. The company did not reveal which vendors were involved in the redesign.

“As the digital world is changing at a rapid pace, we are delighted that our new website will enable our hotels to manage their content efficiently using a new flexible and headless Content Management System (CMS) allowing them to manage the content across different channels through a scalable central content repository,” said Riko van Santen, Chief Information Officer and Board Member of Kempinski Hotels, in a press release. “With this latest iteration, we have adapted our systems to the latest technology and offer optimal speed to reach our global audience.”

At the same time, the company announced that ReviewPro, a Shiji Group brand, and Concilio Labs, a leading provider of guest intelligence technology, have integrated to enable a 360-degree approach to Kempinski Hotel guest profiles. . “The magic of great integrations is ease of use, intra-operability, low overhead, and minimal pain points,” said Van Santen, “What emerges from the open API integration of Shiji’s ReviewPro is about the efficiency of technology and teams enabling a streamlined “headache-free” experience.

Kempinski Hotels implemented this integration to enrich customer profiles within their hotel CRM. According to a company spokesperson, the goal is to understand customer preferences to improve operations and customer experience, which positively impacts online reputation and the Global Review Index™ ( the GRI™ is a global hotel benchmark score for guest satisfaction).

In today’s hyper-competitive hospitality market, delivering an exceptional guest experience is more important than ever. To truly understand their guests, hoteliers need to go beyond traditional segmentation and rely on data from multiple sources. Concilio’s Guest Insight Engine, combined with Shiji’s ReviewPro platform, provides a comprehensive view of guests that helps hotels anticipate needs and deliver personalized service.

Concilio’s Guest Insight Engine is designed to strengthen guest relationships by anticipating and responding to guest needs. Post-stay guest feedback is a crucial element as it allows hoteliers to understand the guest experience, which should be improved for all guests, but more importantly, hoteliers can address each guest’s concerns before the the customer’s next stay with the chain.

At the same time, Shiji’s ReviewPro offers an enhanced and customizable guest survey solution allowing hotel brands to collect specific feedback throughout the guest journey. Thanks to an integration in Concilio Labs Guest Insight Engine, the profile of the guest is enriched with the comments collected during the surveys. During consecutive stays, profiles may be used to provide personalized guest service, whether it be room preferences, amenities, recommended activities or facilities. This applies whether it is a returning client at the same property or another in the portfolio.

By prioritizing customer data and leveraging technology, Kempinski appears well positioned to stay ahead of the competition and win the loyalty of increasingly empowered customers, who today seek more from technology than they do. a mahogany grandfather clock chiming in the lobby.

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