Israel issues safety recommendations for Israelis in Istanbul amid bombing threats

Israel issued recommendations for Israelis visiting Istanbul on Thursday, amid threats of an imminent Iranian attack on Israeli targets, including the locking of hotel room doors.

Tourists were also asked to notify family members or friends in Israel of their updated location so that they can be located in the event of a crisis.

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Israeli tourists visit bazaar in Istanbul despite threats of Iranian attack

(Photo: Yoav ZItun)

Officials said Israelis staying in Turkish hotels should not open their doors to anyone, including room service, hotel maintenance or deliveries, and be aware of suspicious people when they are around. in public spaces.

Tourists should also avoid sites or tours offered on social media and refrain from entering taxis to solicit their business.

On Tuesday, Israel raised the threat level for Istanbul to high, as officials said there were credible threats of immediate attacks.

Despite calls from the Minister of Foreign Affairs Yair Lapid Monday and the National Security Council’s urge for Israelis in Istanbul to leave the city and return home as soon as possible, Israeli tourists continued to travel to Turkey, ignoring all warnings.

Officials said there were a number of Iranian terror squads in Istanbul ready to launch attacks, including bombings, kidnappings and killings.

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שוטרים טורקים מסיירים ליד המסגד הכחול באיסטנבולשוטרים טורקים מסיירים ליד המסגד הכחול באיסטנבול

Turkish security forces on patrol in Istanbul

(Photo: AFP)

Turkish Intelligence Agency, MIT in cooperation with Israel’s Mossad Intelligence Agency foiled an attack earlier this week, according to media reports.
The Israelis risked being attacked by Iran in response to recent mysterious deaths Iranian scientists and Iranian Revolutionary Guard Corps officials in recent weeks.

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