How to File an ITR on the Income Tax Website

A tax return is a structure that allows a citizen to proclaim his salary, costs, charge derivations, speculations, charges, etc.

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A tax return form is a documented structure for declaring a citizen’s annual salary. There can be different explanations behind registering a personal government form even without a salary.

A citizen may need to document his personal government form to advertise his salary for a monetary year, announce upcoming misfortunes, claim a reduction in annual expenses, secure charge derivations, etc.

The income tax department delivers the electronic documentation (electronic record) of a personal government form to the office. Before talking about the means associated with the registration of personal government forms, a citizen must register the records for the calculation and disclosure of information in ITR.

Step 1: Calculation of income and tax

The citizen will be required to work out his remuneration according to the methods of payment of the annual contribution which are specific to him. The calculation must take into account remuneration from all sources such as remuneration, outsourcing and payment of interest. The citizen can guarantee the derivations, for example, the fee saving speculations under the 80C segment, etc. Similarly, a citizen should consider praise for TDS, TCS or any development fees paid by them.

Step 2: Withholding Tax Certificates (TDS) and Form 26AS

The citizen must to sum up his TDS sum from the TDS wills obtained by him for each of the 4 quarters of the monetary year. The 26AS structure assists the citizen in the development of the TDS and the fee paid during the monetary year.

Step 3: Choose the correct income tax form

The citizen should know the relevant annual tax document/ITR form for recording his personal expense form. Having read the personal tax document, the citizen can proceed with the registration of the form of annual expenses. There are 2 modes accessible for web and offline recording. The web mode from the citizen’s login is accessible only for ITR 1 and ITR 4; it is not accessible for different class types of individual citizens. The offline mode (XML production and transfer) is accessible for a wide range of personal tax documents.

Step 4: Download the ITR Utility from the Income Tax Portal

Visit the webpage www. and click on “Downloads” in the top menu bar. Choose the year of assessment and download the offline utility programming, such as Microsoft Excel or Java, or the JSON utility in the light of your inclination. Dominant and java utility completed by AY 2020-21 Annual Service Desk

Step 5: Fill in your subtleties in the Downloaded File

After downloading the offline utility, fill in the relevant intricacies of your payroll, and verify the assessment to be paid or discount to be received as estimated by the utility. The intricacies of the annual expenditure challan can be filled in the downloaded structure.

Step 6: Validate the information entered

You can see some buttons on the right side of the downloaded structure. Click the “Approve” button to ensure that all expected data is filled in.

Step 7: Convert the record to XML format

Once approved, click the “Produce XML” button on the right side of the document to turn the record into an XML document design.

Step 8: Upload the XML document to the Income Tax Portal

Currently, log in to the Electronic Annual Fee Registration front door and click on the “Electronic File” tab to choose the “Personal Tax Return” option. Give the essential subtleties, for example, the PAN, the year of evaluation, the ITR structure number and the mode of accommodation. Make sure to choose the ‘Transfer XML’ choice from the drop against the ‘Hosting Mode’ field name as shown in the image below.

Now attach the XML document from your PC and click on the “Submit” button. Choose any of the accessible verification modes – Aadhaar OTP, Electronic Confirmation Code (EVC) or send a physically marked duplicate of the ITR-V to CPC, Bengaluru.

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