Group launches app and website to track development of downtown San Jose

SAN JOSE — A group of neighborhood activists has launched an app and website to help people track development and construction in downtown San Jose, where a building boom is looming.

The potential unprecedented construction increase in San Jose, and one of the largest ever in the Bay Area. Extensive new commercial and residential projects – and massive improvements to infrastructure and public transit – are underway in the city’s downtown.

Google is moving forward with Downtown West, a new district of office buildings, homes, stores, restaurants and hotel facilities. Boston Properties has resumed construction on the Platform 16 tech campus. Jay Paul is completing an office tower and may launch more towers. Westbank is considering several downtown projects. Other developers are also moving forward with an array of new high-rise building proposals.

Additionally, major BART construction that would add three new stations to San Jose, two downtown and one east of downtown, will add to the potential construction splinter.

Autumn Street section of the Downtown West neighborhood in downtown San Jose proposed by Google, showing future buildings near Diridon Station, concept. (SITELAB urban studio, Google)

With all of this emerging from the ground or on the main drawing boards, people might find it difficult to keep track of anything actively planned or potentially underway.

Now a local neighborhood group has launched a high-tech system to do just that, said Bob Staedler, spokesman for the Stakeholders + Neighborhoods Initiative, a nonprofit that tries to reshape the way people interact with their community, municipal leaders and development. frames.

“We’re facing decades of projects,” said Staedler, senior director of Silicon Valley Synergy, a land-use consulting firm that advises the nonprofit. “We’ve created a simple and convenient place to keep people up to date with what’s going on with development and construction.”

The non-profit organization’s main community of interest is what is officially known as the Diridon Railway Station Area, a long and narrow district that includes areas close to the SAP Centre, Diridon Rail Hub , and extends south to approximately Interstate 280 on both sides of local Amtrak and Caltrain lines. as well as State Route 87. The Diridon station area totals approximately 250 acres.

The group is also monitoring other parts of downtown.

Downtown San Jose. SAP Center, Diridon Station, the area of ​​a mixed-use neighborhood proposed by Google, and several skyscrapers are visible. (Silicon Valley Synergy)

“We want it to be a free flow of information,” Staedler said. “We’re going to consolidate information about what’s happening in the region and keep things very clear and simple.”

The new nonprofit website specifically lists the Downtown West project, the Gardner Community Center and the Diridon Station area as featured projects in the Stakeholders + Neighborhoods initiative, also known as S+NI.

By bringing neighborhoods together with existing and new stakeholders such as Google, the Sharks, San Jose Unified School District, Caltrain, and private developers, we can work together to achieve the best results for everyone involved,” says S. +NI on its website. . “We look forward to bringing everyone together on this remarkable journey.”

People can download the app by searching for an app called S+NI which can be used on an iPhone or Android phone.

“You would be able to check what’s going on in your immediate neighborhood, on your street, or outside your house or where you work,” Staedler said.

The system will work differently from the Nextdoor website. Nextdoor enables comment threads, as well as alerts on a range of activity in a neighborhood. S+NI does not allow comments.

“We don’t need to add to the current commentary ecosystem,” Staedler said. “People can go to Facebook, Twitter, Nextdoor, their HOA to comment.

Users can always contact the site operators through the website or app to provide feedback or information. But these comments will not be published on the S+NI website or app.

“We want it to be a positive environment to get information out to the public without being bombarded with speech that is not helpful at all,” Staedler said.

When development and transit upgrades are considered as a whole, downtown San Jose residents, workers, businesses and homeowners have to think about an incredible amount of construction in the center’s future. -city of San Jose.

“The development activity represents one of the largest projects ever in the Bay Area,” Staedler said.

Entrance to the Diridon BART station in downtown San Jose on West Santa Clara Street, concept. Plans are subject to change. (VAT)

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