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Brisbane, Queensland- In Australia, hair loss is a concern that very few men or women talk about publicly. Hair loss with age is a normal process, with up to 80% of men aged 55 experiencing some form of thinning, hair loss or baldness.

Gro understands the importance of information and resources for a condition that many people are not comfortable talking about. For this reason, Gro has launched a new educational website.

The new Gro educational website features blog posts and educational videos on all things hair loss and hair restoration. With over 15 patients recording video diaries including Mat Rogers, Cam Mooney and many more. Video diaries are recorded to share their reasons for having a hair transplant and record the recovery process from the day of the hair transplant surgery to the weeks and months after their hair transplant.

These resources on the website cover each step of the Gro Microsurgery Hair Transplant process, as well as answer questions people may have when they begin to lose their hair due to the thinning or baldness process.

Gro’s mission is to be the leading hair restoration brand in Australia, the UK and New Zealand. The newly redeveloped Gro Sydney Clinic, Gro Melbourne Clinic and the new Gro Perth Hair Transplant Clinic increase Gro Clinic’s capacity for both surgical and non-surgical hair loss procedures and advice.

Gro offers solutions for all stages of hair loss, with the sole purpose of helping people regain their own hair. Complete hair loss solutions include:

  • The finest microsurgical hair transplants
  • Online prescription drugs
  • Non-Surgical PRP Hair Loss Solutions
  • Hair care products

Gro exists to ensure that patients receive the right hair loss treatment, based on the patient’s goals and stage of hair loss. Unlike other online clinics, Gro also offers in-clinic treatment and in-person counseling, when needed. Gro also provides access to proven prescription treatments by connecting each patient with a hair loss doctor and an appropriate compounding pharmacy, all in Australia.

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Gro performs all hair transplant procedures at Gro clinics. To make this possible, Gro hires and trains hair transplant surgeons at clinics in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Gold Coast and Perth. On their new website, Gro features some of their amazing surgeons, including:

Doctor Alexis – see more information about one of their hair transplant surgeons in Melbourne. On the page, other Melbourne Gro hair restoration doctors can be clicked on as well as pages with information on traveling to Melbourne for a hair transplant, including things to do and accommodation options in Melbourne .

Dr Ruk – see more information about one of their hair transplant surgeons in Brisbane and Gold Coast. On the page one can click on other Gro hair restoration doctors as well as pages detailing accommodation options and what to do in Brisbane or the Gold Coast if traveling from outside of the state.

Dr. Adam – see more information about one of their hair transplant surgeons in Sydney. On the page, other Gro hair restoration doctors can be clicked on as well as a page with information on traveling to Sydney for a hair transplant.

About Gro Clinics

Gro has been Australia’s leading hair transplant provider since 2015 and one of the only clinic groups to offer solutions for every stage of hair loss. With clinics in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Gold Coast and Perth as well as an online clinic serving all of Australia. Visit the company’s website at for more information on hair loss. If you suffer from hair loss, book a hair loss diagnosis online or ask the team a hair loss question.

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