EgyptAir Passes GHS Safety Test and Implements Previous Recommendations

CAIRO – July 11, 2022: EgyptAir on Monday announced that it had successfully passed the GHS safety test, which took place from July 3-7 and assessed aviation-related operating systems, air traffic control quality and safety, safety systems, flight data analysis, ground handling, air cargo and worker training.

Head of Safety and Quality Sector at EgyptAir, Mohamed Badawy, said the airline was keen to adhere to the rules of the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) and those of the Egyptian Safety Authority. civil aviation (ECAA).

For his part, the President and CEO of GHS Aviation Group, George Snyder, appreciated the cooperation with EgyptAir, which began five years ago, and congratulated the company for implementing all the previous recommendations. .

Snyder further noted that GHS’s endorsement of EgyptAir’s security would boost the insurance company’s confidence in its cooperation with the airline.

For the first time, the Cabinet earlier in July approved the issuance of commemorative coins in circulation (one pound and fifty piastre coins) for a national trading company, which is EgyptAir, on the occasion of its 90th anniversary .

EgyptAir celebrates May 7 every year with passengers by offering souvenirs, discounts and launching a relevant advertising campaign for the event.

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