Dtravel decentralized travel website facilitates encrypted bookings for over 250,000 destinations


Dtravel, a blockchain-based travel website, will now allow customers to make payments in cryptocurrency. Customers will also be able to make payments in its native TRVL token to reserve 250,000 accommodations across 20,000 destinations.

The decentralized home-sharing platform is backed by the leading cryptocurrency exchange Binance, allowing customers to rent vacation homes in high-end tourist destinations. It was launched by Travala.com, a centralized reservation point that allows customers to book accommodation and flights by making payments in AVA crypto token.

Dtravel will now accept cryptocurrency payments

Dtravel says customers can now use its recently launched TRVL cryptocurrency token to make payments. Customers using TRVL will also receive additional perks such as travel rewards and governance participation. The platform further stated that it will continue to add other destinations to diversify its service portfolio.

The token launch, which took place two weeks ago, saw 60,000 attendees across multiple cryptocurrency platforms, after which the token was listed on Bybit, MEXC Global, and Gate exchange.

Dtravel primarily operates as a Decentralized Autonomous Platform (DAO) allowing TRVL token holders to participate in key business decision-making processes. The platform is run by the executives of Expedia and Airbnb who received tokens in exchange for their funds invested in the said company.

“Providing the Dtravel community with an expanded range of accommodation options in these early stages of the project is essential to ensure that the community continues to grow globally, not just in tourist hot spots. How quickly we have been able to increase the number of households on Dtravel will be critical in accelerating the home sharing economy’s transition from Web 2.0 to Web 3.0 which, in Dtravel’s case, enables both hosts and invited to shape it through ownership and governance, ”says Cynthia Huang of Genesys Partners, Dtravel’s initial development team.

The TRVL token was recently listed on Kucoin and is also available on Binance Smart Chain’s PancakeSwap. Customers can also use the AnySwap cross-chain bridge to seamlessly switch between the BEP 20 TRVL token and the E20 TRVL token.

Warning: CryptoSlate has a financial position in Dtravel and had the opportunity to participate in the pre-sale of this project in exchange for information, analysis and other types of hedging. The CryptoSlate value was NOT paid to publish this article.


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