DOL, ASA website provides best practices for employing workers with disabilities

Diving brief:

  • The American Staffing Association has partnered with the U.S. Department of Labor’s Office of Disability Employment Policy to launch a new website aimed at helping employers better integrate disabled workers. Organizations announced the effort February 15.
  • The site includes resources that explain best practices for recruiting, hiring, retaining and advancing talent with disabilities. Resources also relate to management practices and accessibility.
  • The website directs employers to a number of organizations offering similar assistance. His resource page highlights organizations such as: the Disability Inclusion Resource and Employer Support Network; The Job Hosting Network; The Partnership for Jobs and Accessible Technology; The National Disability Organization; and Handicap:IN.

Overview of the dive:

The launch of the website marks the latest joint effort by ASA and ODEP. In May 2020, the organizations signed an alliance to “advance the employment of people with disabilities” and agreed to equip employers with staffing, recruitment and workforce solutions.

Organizations have placed particular emphasis on education. “Education is the first step to developing inclusive workplaces for people with disabilities,” said ASA President and CEO Richard Wahlquist, commenting on the organization’s latest initiative.

Other advocates for job seekers and workers with disabilities also promote education. In a review from September 2020 for HR Dive, a self-identified disability advocate encouraged employers to reach out to employees with disabilities and learn more about their experiences, especially in light of the pandemic.

Outside of education, disability worker advocates often push for accessibility and inclusion. The element of accessibility isn’t just common sense – it’s a big part of employers’ obligation under the US Federal Disabilities Act. The pandemic has caused many employers to review their digital accessibility measures, improve access for job seekers Above all.

Employers are also looking to improve inclusion measures; A September 2021 audit from B2B research firm Forrester found that even companies committed to DEI botched disability inclusion by skimping on inclusive language for workers with disabilities.

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