Cyber ​​Fraud: Noida Woman Fraud when booking a hotel online, know how to protect yourself

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Noida woman cheated about one lakh rupees while booking hotels online
At present, the police have registered a case and opened an investigation into the case.
According to the police, the woman was looking for a hotel in Kedarnath on Google.

New Delhi. A case of cheating of a 36-year-old woman from Noida by cyber crooks of around Rs 1 lakh has come to light. The fraud took place while the woman was trying to book a hotel room in Kedarnath online. A few days after searching the hotel, the scammer contacted the woman and asked her to make an advance payment by sending a QR code via WhatsApp. According to officials, based on the woman’s complaint, an FIR was registered at Noida Sector 113 Police Station, an investigation was initiated.

The Complainant stated in her FIR that she planned to travel to Kedarnath in June, for which she searched for a hotel in Kedarnath on Google in May. A few days after the search, he received a call from an unknown number. The caller told the woman she was a hotel representative. Significantly, this incident would have taken place on May 18, but an FIR was registered in the matter on Monday. The woman claimed a total of Rs 95,604 in the complaint.

shared hotel information with a woman
The police officer said the hotel representative who contacted the woman identified himself as Nitin Kumar. He had contacted the woman on WhatsApp and shared photos of a hotel and other details, including the rate. After that, the thug asked the woman to confirm the hotel reservation and pay 2,000,000 rupees. For this, the thug sent a QR code to the woman on WhatsApp.

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After that, the woman tried to pay with the QR code and then 4,000,000 rupees was deducted from her account. After that, the person who cheated told the woman that it was a mistake. He also sent another QR code to the woman to collect the money, the woman used the QR code again and then the money was deducted from her account.

woman closed bank account
“The caller then told the woman that she had entered the wrong code by mistake, because of which the trouble started,” the officer said. He again sent the QR code to return the money, but this time Rs 9,901 was deducted from the woman’s account. In this way, the woman kept using the QR code again and again and the money in her account ran out and thus Rs 95,604 disappeared from her account. When the woman tried to call the man, her phone was out of range and later it was turned off. According to the FIR, the woman closed her bank account.

how to defend

  • To avoid this type of fraud, avoid scanning the QR code.
  • If an unknown person calls you, identify them with Truecaller.
  • Before downloading any app, check whether it is fake or not.
  • Other than that, don’t even click on any unknown links from the phone.
  • If in doubt, inform Cybercell immediately.

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