Controversial congressional candidate Paladino is removed from his own company’s website

The company founded by controversial congressional candidate Carl Paladino has removed it from the company’s website.

Ellicott Development – whose hotels are an “official partner” of the Buffalo Bills football team – does not mention that Carl Paladino started the company in the 1970s on its official website or Facebook page.

by Carl Paladino Twitter account says he’s the “CEO”.

But Ellicott’s website lists Paladino’s son, William, as CEO.

Paladino, 75, the 2010 GOP gubernatorial candidate who campaigned with a baseball bat, recently came under fire for making pro-Adolf Hitler comments.

“He’s the kind of leader we need today. We need someone inspiring. We need someone who’s an actor, who’s been there and done it,” Paladino said in a newly unearthed 2021 radio interview by liberal watchdog Media Matters, referring to Hitler. , which is responsible for the mass extermination of 11 million people in Europe, including 6 million Jews.

He later said he regretted calling Hitler’s name.

His lowest moment came in 2016 after he said he wanted to see then-President Barack Obama die of mad cow disease and first lady Michelle Obama “becoming a man again and letting go. the hinterland of Zimbabwe where she lives comfortably in a cave with Maxie”. , the gorilla.

Despite the founding of Ellicott Development in the 1970s, Paladino is not mentioned on the website.

The outcry sparked a movement to remove Paladino, a longtime ally of former President Donald Trump, from the Buffalo Board of Education.

Even his son, William, distanced himself from his father’s barbs against the Obamas in an official statement on the company’s official Facebook page that was posted directly to the company’s website, saying they were “not a reflection of the beliefs and principles of Ellicott Development Company”. “, reported the Buffalo News.

Papa Paladino insisted his omission from the company’s website was an oversight, not a case of the family business trying to distance itself from the verbal grenade thrower.

Screenshot of the Paladino company website.
Paladino’s son, William, who is the CEO of the company, has even distanced himself from his father.

“We never saw him again. Sorry. It’s fixed now. I am the founder and chairman of the board,” he told the Post in an initial text message.

He said his daughters Danielle and Sarah are respectively secretary and treasurer of Ellicott Development.

In a later interview, Paladino insisted that the family business of more than 500 employees was “not embarrassed by anything I did”.

William Paladino did not respond to multiple requests for comment.

Screenshot of Paladino's Twitter.
Carl Paladino’s Twitter account lists him as the “CEO of Ellicott Development”.

But political sources – both Republican and Democrat – disputed Carl Paladino’s claim that his omission from the company’s website was an innocent mistake. They believe it was a strategic decision by the company to distance itself from its emphasis which could ruffle customers – including the Bills, hotel companies and renters.

“They don’t want to have ‘Crazy Carl’ over their heads,” a Buffalo Democratic Party insider said.

The company that owns the Buffalo Bills, Pegula Entertainment, has a partnership with Ellicott Hotels.

A representative for The Bills declined to comment on Paladino or his dealings with Ellicott.

Paladino is running for Congress in Western New York’s newly drawn 23rd congressional district after GOP incumbent Chris Jacobs announced he would not seek reelection. Jacobs bowed out after saying he supported an assault weapons ban in the wake of the Buffalo shooting massacre, prompting a backlash from gun rights conservatives.

His main rival for the Republican nomination on the right is GOP Chairman Nick Langworthy.

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