Commissioners await recommendations on homelessness

Augusta, Georgia (WJBF) – The Augusta Commissioners know there is a homelessness problem in the Garden City, what they don’t know is what the recommendations will be to address it.

“We should have something to look at before we go in. I know I’m going to do my homework on my end, if I have any questions I’ll ask them,” Commissioner Catherine Smith McKnight said.

The homelessness task force is due to present its recommendations at a committee working session on Thursday.

Topics sure to be discussed are housing needs, service needs and the need for shelter, but some commissioners are unsure about shelter.

“We have money set aside, or so-called set aside, for what I consider to be a homeless hotel, because it will have separate bedrooms, separate baths and showers and all, but we we don’t have any information on how it’s going to work or how it’s going to work,” Commissioner John Clarke said.

Some commissioners will take advantage of the timing of the working session, just two weeks before the Masters, to propose moving homeless people from high-traffic areas.

“I think that would be the right thing to do with customers coming into town, yeah, nobody wants to be hassled coming to Augusta, Georgia for the biggest event of the year,” Commissioner McKnight said. .

But moving the homeless for the Masters isn’t on the table.

“Are you going to move the homeless from Washington Road, is there a plan to do that?

“No, sir, there are no such plans,” Field Marshal Ramone Lamkin said.

“Has there ever been one?

“No sir,” Lamkin said.

The commissioners are awaiting recommendations to address the city’s homelessness tournament week and 51 other weeks.

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