Hotel website – Sidi Fredj Hotels Wed, 11 May 2022 18:24:21 +0000 en-US hourly 1 Hotel website – Sidi Fredj Hotels 32 32 Hundreds of thousands may have had information stolen in AA website hack Wed, 11 May 2022 01:42:00 +0000
Information hacked from the AA customer database included email addresses and website passwords.


Information hacked from the AA customer database included email addresses and website passwords.

The AA says up to hundreds of thousands of customers had their personal information compromised following a hack in August that they only recently discovered.

The incorporated company said customers who could have been affected were those using, a now mothballed website of its AA Traveler travel insurance and accommodation booking arm, between 2003 and 2018.

The website allowed customers to make travel reservations, enter contests, participate in surveys, and receive travel newsletters.

The AA said it was alerted to a vulnerability on March 17.

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* Why it’s important to have a backup plan for cybersecurity breaches
* New Zealand is at heightened risk of cyberattacks and pro-Russian hackers, CyberCX says

“AA Traveler has enlisted the support of leading cybersecurity advisors and is working on a detailed forensic investigation,” the company said in a statement.

“While elements of this are ongoing, unfortunately it became clear that there was unauthorized access by hackers to customer information in August last year.”

It always assesses the extent of the hack.

“There was a range of data revealed and it was different for different people who used the AA Traveler site.

“We don’t have a definitive number at this point, but the number of people in different subsets ranges from thousands to hundreds of thousands of people,” he said.


Kiwis are urged not to underestimate the risk of being hacked.

The information that was stolen includes records containing people’s names, email addresses, passwords they used to access the website, and addresses and phone numbers.

The AA sent an e-mail to the persons concerned.

He warns customers that if they have used the same passwords they used to access his website to also access other online services, then they must change those passwords on those other sites.

They should also be on the lookout for phishing emails or other fraudulent communications from organizations pretending to be AA Traveler or a financial institution, he said.

He had no information about the identity of the hackers or where they might be based.

AA Traveler general manager Greig Leighton said he was deeply sorry.

“We are extremely sorry this has happened and would like to apologize to everyone involved.

“We have made sure that the data we hold is now secure and obviously an attack like this is the very last thing we would want to see happen.”

Cybersecurity expert Peter Bailey said that cybercriminals are now using


Cybersecurity expert Peter Bailey says cybercriminals are now using “AI” to personalize phishing emails to potential victims, which is easier to do the more data they have.

Pete Bailey, head of cybersecurity at consultancy Theta, said it’s not uncommon for organizations to only find out they’ve been hacked months after an attack.

The kind of personal information the AA said had been compromised was valuable to hackers who could sell it on the “dark web”, he said.

Bailey said some cybercriminals are now using artificial intelligence tools to extract information from different sources and create personalized scam emails for potential victims, making them more likely to “click” on links. malicious.

It’s proven more effective for them than “old-fashioned general emails where it’s easy to guess what’s going on,” he said.

“The more data they can get about who people are and what they like, the better they can target those emails.”

The website aims to give Calderdale more roles in movies and TV shows Tue, 10 May 2022 12:38:00 +0000

Read more

Read more

The BBC director-general visits the Happy Valley set during the Sarah Lancashire finale…

These include BBC/HBO produced Gentleman Jack, which stars Suranne Jones as the heiress of Shibden Hall and lesbian Anne Lister, who has been credited with attracting more tourists in Halifax and Calderdale, including the United States, and dubbed the “Gentleman Jack Effect”.

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Good Valley. Picture: BBC

Figures for 2019 – the last year before the COVID-19 pandemic hit and the year in which Sally Wainwright created Gentleman Jack was first screened – showed tourism was worth just under £400million for Calderdale’s economy, a 14% increase from £349. million in 2018.

Other productions that have used Calderdale settings in recent years include other series by Sally Wainwright, Last Tango In Halifax and Happy Valley, the latter wrapping up filming for its third series this spring.

Another BBC production shot in Calderdale, based on the novel by Calder Valley-based author Benjamin Myers, is The Gallows Pole, about 18th century counterfeiters, the Cragg Coiners, who carried on business above Mytholmroyd, is also set to air this year.

Other major attractions in the borough include its stunning landscape and distinctive architecture, including buildings like Halifax’s Grade I-listed Piece Hall, the council said.

Scenes from the Gentleman Jack and Marvel production Secret Invasion, which stars Hollywood legend Samuel L. Jackson, have been filmed there over the past year – with the Piece Hall Trust this month describing the building Grade I listed, revitalized with shops and businesses, as having a major role in kick-starting Calderdale’s economy as it recovers from the first pandemic.

All of this activity led to the council creating the website to show that Calderdale is a ‘cinema friendly’ borough, working closely with Screen Yorkshire, and includes practical information to make the process as easy as possible for potential producers , says the deputy head of the council. Consulting Jane Scullion (Laboratory, Luddenden Foot).

It shows how the council coordinates responses to requests for filming permits, parking, location bases and traffic management.

In return, the productions contribute to promoting the territory – increasingly on a global scale.

“Calderdale is increasingly known as a filming destination, with a variety of major productions filming in the borough in recent years.

“This new website is a great place to learn about the use of Calderdale’s distinctive landscape and built environment in future productions.

“Our film crew has seen a huge increase in requests from production companies and stage managers.

“The small team always goes the extra mile and goes the extra mile to meet these requests and work tirelessly to ensure that film, TV or commercial photography runs as smoothly as possible.

“But don’t just take our word for it, you’ll find interviews with stage managers, directors and actors on the site who will tell you how fantastic Calderdale is as a filming location,” Councilor Scullion said. .

Day and overnight trips to Calderdale in 2019 were up by more than a quarter on the previous year, with around 8.2 million people visiting the borough and the council noted that around £295.8 million of the money spent by tourists in the area directly benefited local businesses. , from hotels and restaurants to cafes, shops and attractions.

That 2019 income is estimated to have supported 7,930 jobs, up 14% from 2018, according to council figures.

The new website brings together useful information for directors, producers, managers and location scouts.

It provides easy access to resources and applications for filming permits and an overview of recent filming.

There is also information on the wide range of outdoor and built-up locations available in Calderdale, including rural, urban and historic options as well as period streets.

The site also includes information on how Calderdale residents or businesses can pitch their premises as a potential filming location, providing opportunities for local people and further highlighting the wide and varied options within the borough for film different types of productions.

Website says Montana is the sixth worst place to be a cop in the US Mon, 09 May 2022 21:14:23 +0000

Financial website Wallet Hub recently published a study naming Montana the sixth worst place in the United States to be a law enforcement officer.

KGVO reached out to Wallet Hub analyst and attorney Jill Gonzalez to find out why Montana ranked so low on the list nationally.

“(Montana) is not the best place for a cop,” Gonzalez began. “Montana currently ranks 45th out of 50 states and DC, so it’s in the bottom 10, especially when it comes to occupational hazards. It’s not necessarily such a crime-ridden state, but just when we’re looking at such a large area to cover for road safety. It’s a concern there because there are simply so many roads to travel. So that’s what we’re looking for here in terms of agent safety. »

Gonzalez went deeper into the study of Wallet Hubs and why Montana has failed to enforce the law.

“We look at about 30 different indicators of police friendliness that range from the median income of law enforcement officers to things like police deaths to national and local police protection per capita,” a- she declared. “So not just from a cost perspective, what does the opportunity look like and are there any jobs available? What are the training requirements? What are occupational hazards and protection? »

Gonzalez provided suggestions for improvement from the Wallet Hub study.

“When we look at training requirements and things like body cameras and so on, that’s one area where Montana could definitely catch up with most other states,” she said. “There isn’t necessarily any police body camera legislation yet, like in many states. Do you have that now? Even things like carrying naloxone to help prevent overdose deaths. That’s something that could be a little better in Montana too.

Gonzalez had more suggestions for improvement to help Montana move up the list by becoming a more “police” state.

“I think I see what kind of legislation is in place,” she said. “Obviously the police don’t make legislation, but it’s something that you really have to look at having the power to make sure that we see that the police in Montana are getting as good training as the police of New York. , that technology is catching up, and that the police themselves are catching up as well.

Connecticut, California and Illinois were named the three “best states to be a cop”, while Alaska, Hawaii and Arkansas were last on the list.

WATCH: States with the most new small businesses per capita

Best Country Singer Ever

Some states, like Oklahoma and Texas, are full of famous country singers. Others, like Nevada and Maine, are still looking for a real breakthrough artist. Discover the best country music artists from all 50 states, starting with Hank Williams and Alabama.

25 real crime scenes: what do they look like today?

Below, find out where 25 of history’s most infamous crimes took place – and what these places are used for today. (If they remained standing.)

How Data Can Improve Your Website’s Accessibility Sun, 08 May 2022 17:10:00 +0000

We’re excited to bring back Transform 2022 in person on July 19 and virtually from July 20-28. Join leaders in AI and data for in-depth discussions and exciting networking opportunities. Register today!

Website accessibility is a key consideration for any business that hosts web content. Both internal (employee-facing) and external (customer-facing) sites must meet certain conditions to ensure everyone can access them with reasonable accommodations. The data provides a way to measure these conditions and ensure that your website is not only accessible but inclusive.

Indeed, data, both qualitative and quantitative, can highlight weaknesses in accessibility as well as opportunities for improvement. Users form an opinion on a site in 0.05 seconds, dictating whether they bounce or stay. Most of the reasons they leave center around accessibility features like mobile-friendliness or navigability, which you can track with data.

To improve your site’s accessibility, you need to understand the importance of these inclusive considerations.

The Importance of Website Accessibility

When you start applying data to improve web accessibility, the first step is to understand the importance of accessibility features. There is plenty of information available that details how critical open and inclusive platforms are to business success. But more than numbers, accessibility is essential from an ethical point of view.

Imagine living with a visual impairment if you don’t already. Trying to use a site with low contrast, lack of screen reader support, and messy navigation is a nightmare under these circumstances. You would probably look for other sites that are better optimized to meet your needs.

Approximately 12 million adults over the age of 40 in the United States live with some form of visual impairment. That’s a lot of users who can potentially be banned from using your platform, and that only takes into account visual impairments.

Meanwhile, 61 million American adults live with a disability. Accessibility features can help many of these people navigate digital platforms more easily. Another 15-20% of the population is neurodiverse, meaning their minds have different ways of processing certain information and stimuli. Accessibility means removing any barriers to web usability that these demographics might encounter.

The data shows that many of us live in circumstances that may require some accommodation. But accessibility is for everyone. Because accessible practices are best practices, integrating them into your website is more of an opportunity than a burden. Then the data helps you track your accessibility success (or failure).

How Data Informs Accessibility

You can use data to inform accessibility on your website. All it takes is understanding the tools and metrics to use. Both free and paid software exist to help you find and fix problems. Meanwhile, aligning web design key performance indicators (KPIs) with accessibility features presents opportunities for improvement.

For example, IBM offers an open-source web accessibility checker that can scan an entire website and automatically put the resulting data into a spreadsheet. From there, website managers can evaluate a site’s successes and failures to improve usability. The nature of this data can be both qualitative and quantitative, illustrating the types of issues users may experience as well as the frequency of those issues.

Qualitative accessibility measures focus on the quality of the data being measured. These are data that indicate the effectiveness of your approach. The researchers determined that some of the most important metrics to track in terms of accessibility data quality include:

  • Validity
  • Reliability
  • Accuracy
  • Sensitivity
  • Complexity

Measuring this data requires evaluating various accessibility test modules against each other, framing the search in terms of specific usage conditions (such as visual impairments), and then aligning the measurements by result.

Quantitative metrics, on the other hand, are meaningful data points by numbers. You can compare accessibility to this data using metrics such as the following:

  • Number of images without alt text
  • Number of Criteria Violations
  • Number of possible accessibility failure points
  • Severity of barriers to accessibility
  • Time taken to complete a task

All of these data points form a larger picture of website accessibility, indicating potential pain points for your users. With this information, you can begin to understand where improvements can be made with actionable strategies for data implementation.

How to use data to improve website accessibility

With an understanding of how data can inform accessibility, it’s time to apply that data to improve accessibility. This involves framing your tracked data within the context of the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG), which provides the latest standards to ensure web accessibility.

When measuring these accessibility metrics, the UK’s National Health Service found that only 53% of its pages had a high accessibility rating. The organization then redesigned its web platform to bring that number up to 98%. As a result, the number of daily users increased from 15,000 to 26,000.

You can make similar measurable progress in improving accessibility by using the following tips:

1. Assign KPIs to Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG).

WCAG 2.1 focuses on five accessibility principles. These are perceptibility, operability, comprehensibility, robustness and conformance. Your KPIs for accessibility should be tied to these features. For example, measure compliance by the number of criteria violations that occur during on-site testing. This and similar metrics will help you identify areas for improvement.

2. Collect quantitative and qualitative data.

Your approach to collecting accessibility data should not be limited to one tool or one test procedure. Instead, diversify your data to ensure quality. Both quantitative and qualitative metrics are taken into account, including user feedback, number of reported issues, and information from all sorts of testing and validation procedures.

3. Run accessibility checks to improve and validate results.

The range of usability considerations is wider than most testers can accommodate at one time. That’s why there’s a range of tools and checks to help you find problems. For example, neurodivergent people may need accommodations for tests and forms that you might host on your website. Running checks for scenarios that affect your users helps you catch any issues. Testing platforms you can use to collect accessibility data include:

Explore these tools and more as you apply data to an improved accessibility approach. From there, you’ll have all the data you need to build a better site. Since a more inclusive program can help grow audiences and build brand reputation, your business shouldn’t overlook the power of data to complement accessibility.

Cultivating success through accessibility

Building an accessible and inclusive platform isn’t just the ethically right thing to do. This also has important implications for success. For example, the purchasing power of the global disability community is approximately $13 trillion. A competitive stake in this spend pool is just one of the many benefits that can come from accessible websites and business models.

Charlie Fletcher is a freelance writer covering technology and business.


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]]> Virginia’s best expensive restaurant is a fancy hotel, says website Sat, 07 May 2022 12:03:33 +0000

You went to a fancy restaurant and now you have a few hundred dollars in the hole. Here’s the thing: the food wasn’t great.

Eat this, not that has compiled a list of the top most expensive restaurants in each state to make sure Beef Wellington and Lobster Ravioli is truly worth every penny.

In Virginia, this restaurant is The Little Washington Inn, in Washington.

The inn is run by Executive Chef Patrick O’Connell, a self-taught cook from Washington DC known as “the pope of American cuisine”. He opened the venue in 1978 and has hosted celebrities, politicians and more, according to the website.

O’Connell in 2019, won the Lifetime Achievement Award from the James Beard Foundation and the National Humanities Medal from the President of the United States in the same year, his restaurant’s website says.

Eat This, Not That describes The Inn as a “fancy” hotel and restaurant that has been awarded three Michelin stars and Green Star sustainability. The products you will see on the menu are grown on the website’s own farm.

“Diners choose from a standard or vegetarian tasting menu for $265 per person, with the option to add the award-winning wine pairings for $208 per person,” says Eat This Not That.

Click here for the full list.

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With a new corporate logo and website, Rohana Shoring & Piling plans a whole new approach to the market Fri, 06 May 2022 18:49:13 +0000

For some of us who admire the splendor of a grand architectural structure, it doesn’t quite occur to them how important the safety and durability of a building and its structure is, after all. Rohana Shoring & Piling is a Sri Lankan company that has been focusing on this vital area of ​​construction projects for over 15 years and providing strong and secure foundations for some of Sri Lanka’s most iconic landmarks. They provide you with reliable assurance to continue building this valuable project with great confidence.

The superior quality of services offered by Rohana Shoring & Piling along with the dedication of its industry experienced and skilled staff could be defined as the backbone of a number of successfully completed structures proudly showcased by recognized construction and project management in Sri Lanka.

The company, on the occasion of the unveiling of its new website and revamped corporate logo at Avenra Garden Hotel, Negombo wishes to reach out to the world with a new message. It will be a fast track with its own team and everyone who has joined hands in their journey of business activities so far.

Rohana Shoring & Piling envisioned reaching into certain areas of the construction industry that had not been directly handled by its team of experts in the past. Existing clientele and others might expect additional services related to construction and project management from a company with a reliable track record.

Our future outlook is to further develop our range of expertise to meet the ever-increasing demand in the field. We hope to become pioneers in difficult and complex construction projects by identifying soil problems, dealing with rocks in site areas and building on slopes or hills. We plan to provide these services for our own construction projects or third party assignments in the near future and look forward to serving you even better, Rohana Shoring & Piling Director Rohan Saman Kumar Silva mentioned in the recent meeting.


LA VEGAS, May 5, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — MGM Resorts International (NYSE: MGM) (“MGM Resorts” or the “Company”) today announced the release of its 2021 Social Impact and Sustainability Report and its significantly updated website. The report and website tell the story of the company’s ongoing and unwavering commitment to its environmental, social and governance (ESG) principles of embracing humanity and protecting the planet. The report and website ( also highlight the company’s strategies, programs and performance aimed at creating a more sustainable future and positively impacting the lives of employees, guests and communities.

“The past year has been a time of change and economic disruption, but with it has come heightened reflection, ultimately culminating in a renewed commitment to embracing humanity and protecting the planet,” said Bill Hornbuckle, CEO and President of MGM Resorts. “We remain committed to achieving our long-term social impact and sustainability goals and are pleased with the progress we have made towards this end in 2021.”

Highlights and achievements described in the report include:

  • The completion of the MGM Resorts Mega Solar Array, the hospitality industry’s largest direct-source renewable energy project in the world.
  • Continuing the fight against food insecurity with the donation of more than three million meals since 2016.
  • The expansion of our Courageous Conversations program, an open forum between leaders and diverse cohorts of employees designed to identify opportunities to help MGM Resorts improve its efforts to foster diversity, equity and inclusion internally and in local communities.
  • The company’s partnership with organizations such as the Nevada Blind Children’s Foundation and Junior Achievement of Greater Washingtonto provide enhanced academic programs for high school students.
  • The launch of a new matching gifts program, which matches up to $10,000 employee donations to the MGM Resorts Foundation each year.

Additional features of the updated website include:

  • A new section describing the company’s overall approach to ESG.
  • Transparent disclosure of quantitative performance data in its three strategic pillars of promoting diversity, equity and inclusion, investing in our communities and protecting the planet.
  • New 2021 disclosures in directional alignment with the Sustainability Accounting Standards Board (SASB) Hotel & Lodging and Casino & Gaming industry standards.
  • The company’s first report in directional alignment with the Task Force on Climate-Related Financial Disclosures.

“In a transformative and turbulent year, we have witnessed our employees’ enduring commitment to focus and care for our customers and colleagues,” said Jyoti Chopra, Chief People, Inclusion and Sustainability Officer. “We ended the year a stronger and more resilient company, ready to continue our commitment to our customers, our employees, the planet and the communities in which we operate.”

In 2019, MGM Resorts developed a bold social impact plan called “Focused on What Matters: Embracing Humanity and Protecting the Planet”, which included concrete long-term goals to guide the company’s commitment to social impact and sustainability. The framework of these goals is based on the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals and is centered on three pillars: fostering diversity, equity and inclusion, philanthropy and community engagement, and environmental sustainability.

About MGM Resorts International
MGM Resorts International (NYSE: MGM) is an S&P 500® global entertainment company with national and international locations offering best-in-class hotels and casinos, state-of-the-art meeting and conference spaces, incredible live and theatrical entertainment, and a huge range of dining, nightlife and retail offerings. MGM Resorts creates immersive and iconic experiences through its suite of Vegas– inspired brands. The MGM Resorts portfolio includes 32 unique hotel and gaming destinations around the world, including some of the industry’s most recognizable resort brands. The Company’s 50/50 business, BetMGM, LLC, offers online sports betting and gaming in the United States through market-leading brands, including BetMGM and partypoker. The Company is currently pursuing targeted expansion into Asia thanks to the resort opportunity integrated into Japan. Through his “Focused on What Matters: Embracing Humanity and Protecting the Planet” philosophy, MGM Resorts is committed to creating a more sustainable future, while striving to make a greater difference in the lives of its employees, guests and the communities where it operates. For more information, visit Please also contact us @MGMResortsIntl on Twitter as well as Facebook and instagram.


Crystal McNeal
Executive Director, Internal Brand and Social Impact and Sustainability Communications
[email protected]

SOURCEMGM Resorts International

New website provides central location for campus accessibility answers Thu, 05 May 2022 13:09:24 +0000

We all play an important role in making UW-Madison an inclusive university, and disability is an important facet of diversity within our community. You may be wondering: how can I help make college more inclusive for members of our community with disabilities?

A new website that centralizes the university’s resources on disability and accessibility in one place – Accessibility@UW–Madison – answers that question. The site’s goal is to ensure faculty, staff, and students have access to the tools and resources needed to fulfill the university’s shared responsibility to create an inclusive and accessible environment. This site replaces the current accessibility page (accessible from the quick links menu on and will serve as the primary destination for accessibility information.

Ruben Mota

At first, UW-Madison’s Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) coordinator Ruben Mota conceptualized the new website as a one-stop webpage to house disability education opportunities. However, while doing initial research and working on the university’s digital accessibility policy, he says it became clear that “a single training webpage would not be as effective as a central hub of website enabling the university community to access the information on disability and accessibility they need for their daily work in favor of inclusion.

In early 2021, with support from the Office of Compliance leadership, Mota partnered with the Center for User Experience in the Division of Information Technology (DoIT). “We set out to create an easy-to-locate resource that individuals could visit anytime when planning their physical or virtual events or when creating digital resources to make them accessible,” Mota said.

“I hope this website continues to raise awareness of how disability is shaped by how we view our university and not necessarily our own physical or mental health,” says Mota. “If we can intentionally design inclusively, from a human perspective, and with critical accessibility attributes in mind, then we can more effectively ensure everyone – whether able or disabled – has access independent rather than relying on reasonable accommodation to solve a physical problem or digital barrier, which is one of the reasons why this website emphasizes our collective role in creating inclusion.

Partnering with DoIT allowed Mota to create a user-friendly website. The Center for User Experience is also a central university resource for human-centered design and digital accessibility, as well as a key stakeholder and content contributor to the site. Mota and the Office of Compliance recently co-led a refresh of the university’s Web Accessibility Policy with the center, leading to the approval of UW-Madison’s Digital Accessibility Policy in November 2021. Accessibility @UW-Madison followed, with Mota and user experience architect Christine Anderson collaborating.

In the spirit of the new policy, the website stresses that accessibility can only be achieved if we all contribute to it. Visitors to the site will find a solid selection of guides, such as the university’s list of accessible building entrances and how to host an inclusive hybrid meeting, in addition to training, services, contacts and other resources to understand their responsibilities and opportunities to create a more inclusive campus.

“This website confirms our university’s belief that we build a better institution by valuing everyone’s contributions,” said Chancellor Rebecca Blank. “My leadership team supports this website because every Badger plays a role in creating an accessible environment for their UW-Madison community.”

“While this phase of the website project is complete,” says Mota, “any department can contact me to share other academic resources they think should be included in the website. “We really all need to design inclusively.”

Special thanks to the Office of Employees with Disabilities Resources, McBurney Disability Resource Center, UW Libraries, Accessible Technology Advisory Group, FP&M, Badgers for Special Olympics, People’s Access and Inclusion Committee disabilities and the Disability Studies Initiative for their feedback and work on this project. .

Casino Zeus – A new website with reviews of online Canadian casinos — Hometown Station | KHTS FM 98.1 & AM 1220 — Santa Clarita Radio Tue, 03 May 2022 22:05:09 +0000

The Zeus Casino website is now available in English. A popular gambling expert, Olexiy Ivanov, has launched a new website. It is available in English, especially for adventurous players from Canada.

On this website they post reviews and ratings of popular and trusted internet casino brands, information on how to select trending live and mobile platforms, compare different payment options, casinozeus. net gives its readers constant updates on the best digital casinos with no deposit and welcome bonuses. They also display online analysis of gambling markets in other countries.

Which Canadian Casinos Have Licenses?

Until recently in Canada it was illegal to place bets. However, charity club events were excluded from this rule.

The first legislation regulating gambling entertainment at the federal level was passed in 1999. Since then, each province has developed certain rules and requirements to comply with it. At that time, the government implemented the regulatory document and created the Kahnawake Gaming Commission and gaming commissions in each of the provinces. Therefore, the regulation of this area depends on the provinces. The 13 provinces are slightly different in how the game is laid out.

Casino business is prohibited in the country; however, the organizers managed to find opportunities in the law. Sections 201, 202, 206 of the Criminal Code of Canada prohibits the industry, but 204 allows lotteries, betting on horse races and sweepstakes», Notes Olexi Ivanov.

Each of the best online casinos is free to establish its own rules of play. Thanks to the management, the attitude towards the industry is changing. Some regions are opening offline and online casinos using so-called “lottery systems”.

The Best Canadian Online Casinos in 2022

The Zeus Casino portal has a list of official websites where you can play legally at the best online casinos in Canada:

# Title Licence welcome bonus Minimum deposit, Canadian dollars
1 High Evospin Malta Gaming Authority 100FS 40
2 Star of gold Curacao E-Gaming 100 CHF 30
3 King Billy Curacao E-Gaming $900 CAD + 300 CHF ten
4 lucky nugget Malta Gaming Authority CA$1000 ten
5 wild fortune Malta Gaming Authority 100% / $150 CAD + 100 FS 20
6 National Curacao E-Gaming $1500 CAD + 150 CHF 30
7 YOJU Curacao E-Gaming $700 CAD + 340 CHF ten
8 Vegas Royale Malta Gaming Authority CA$1,200 ten
9 Cosmonaut Curacao E-Gaming $2000 CAD + 100 CHF 20
ten PlayAmo Curacao E-Gaming $500 CAD + 100 SF ten
11 Casino Days Curacao E-Gaming $500 CAD + 100 SF ten
12 ShadowBet Malta Gaming Authority $100 CAD + 100 FS ten
13 king panda Malta Gaming Authority C$100 10C
14 Kaiser Slots Malta Gaming Authority $110 CAD + 20 SF ten
15 The kings of fruit UK Gambling Commission $50 CAD + 100 CHF ten
16 Curacao E-Gaming 100 CHF ten
17 Mega slot Curacao E-Gaming $300 CAD + 200 CHF ten
18 Betmatch Curacao E-Gaming $1250 CAD + 325 CHF 25
19 Turn the samurai Curacao E-Gaming C$1,200 + 50 CHF ten
20 Booi Curacao E-Gaming $600 CAD + 125 CHF 5
21 Bizzo Curacao E-Gaming 15 FS free

How to choose the best online casino in Canada

Casino Zeus collects the most important, reliable and honest data on each online platform taking into account the key factors to help you select the online casino in Canada:

  1. Great reputation. Any user can find top quality reviews on trusted websites such as Trustpilot and Reddit.
  2. Appropriate license.
  3. Software with slot machines from the best providers.
  4. Online chats or contact information. So every player can easily reach out to solve problems.
  5. Personal data protection and soft marketing policy.
  6. A wide range of games including baccarat, online roulette, video poker, live dealer section and slots.

Various Payment Methods at Canadian Online Casinos

Canadian online casinos accept a variety of convenient payment methods, starting with Visa and Mastercard. Moreover, you can also transfer money from systems like Paysafecard, Instadebit and even cryptocurrency like Bitcoin. Another popular way to deposit money is through e-wallets such as Skrill, Neteller, and PayPal. Experts advise to play in online casinos in Canada with Canadian dollars (CAD). Thus, players must make transfers from cards issued to operate in CAD. Otherwise, there may be additional commissions for conversion and withdrawal.

Popular Offline Casinos in Canada

Apart from online platforms, there are many trusted offline casinos to visit such as Casino Niagara, Caesars Windsor Hotel and Casino, Casino Rama Resort and Niagara Fallsview Casino Resort in Ontario and others.

Olexiy Ivanov tells you to gamble responsibly

It is crucial to have a clear head when betting. Canadian online casinos should limit the deposit amount for beginners to prevent users from accumulating huge debts. Organizations like GameStop, BeGambleAware and GamblersAnonymous can help those who have become addicted. Gambling expert Olexiy Ivanov advises players to be reasonable and decide how much money they are willing to lose and not to gamble beyond that level.

Website offers ways for Peninsula residents to host Ukrainian refugees – Surrey Now-Leader Mon, 02 May 2022 20:30:00 +0000

Ukrainian refugees wait for transport at the central station in Warsaw, Poland. The UN refugee agency says more than 5.5 million people have fled the war so far, the biggest exodus from Europe since World War II. (AP Photo/Czarek Sokolowski)

Website offers ways for residents of the peninsula to host Ukrainian refugees

Holy Eucharist Cathedral in New Westminster coordinates local relocation

Residents of the Semiahmoo Peninsula who might be interested in providing temporary housing for Ukrainian refugees – or offering to host a Ukrainian family – now have a website to contact for more information.

Those who wish to know more can visit the website of the Ukrainian Foundation “Help us to help Ukraine” established by the Ukrainian Catholic Church and the Ukrainian Congress.

The team from this region has been assembled at the Holy Eucharist Ukrainian Catholic Cathedral in New Westminster to assist those who fled Ukraine due to the Russian invasion and wish to temporarily settle in British Columbia.

The team is made up of professionals who volunteer their time, talents and skills to assist in the safe and successful resettlement of Ukrainians who have escaped the horrors of war resulting from the Russian invasion.

Among the crucial steps in the integration process are helping people with visa application forms, air tickets and insurance; provision of temporary accommodation (free); help with post-arrival paperwork and help with mental health issues, community settlement and job search.

Inquiries can be left at