Bronze Baby Care Bags for Best Ecommerce Website at

Baby Care (Pvt) Ltd, was awarded Bronze in the Best E-Commerce Website category at the Sri Lanka Technology Awards ceremony organized by

The reason for the success is that the website is based on creativity, user-friendliness, contemporaneity and safety, which has often attracted customers’ attention and reference.

Baby Care (Pvt) Ltd began its journey in 1987 by importing ready-to-wear baby clothes. But thanks to the long vision of its president LHC Danister, the company has become the best supplier in the baby articles industry by meeting all the needs of infants (baby cots, baby strollers, baby electrical appliances, car seats for baby) and winning the respect and reputation of both local and foreign customers. “Providing high quality products to our customers along with excellent customer service is the reason our business could thrive for decades. I would like to express my sincere gratitude to all staff members who contributed to this success” , said IT Director LH Kasun Ganeendra.The company is mainly engaged in operations such as importation, manufacturing and distribution while providing products to local and international customers helping to bring in foreign remittances into the world. The company also offers an internationally recognized range of products from its own brand of baby care.

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