Boost direct bookings on your hotel website

Hospitality players looking to up their personalization game to capture direct demand can turn to Cendyn as a strategic technology partner

Personalization can help optimize direct bookings, converting more ‘viewers’ into ‘bookers’
Personalization can help optimize direct bookings, converting more ‘viewers’ into ‘bookers’

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Today’s traveler is highly attentive to contextual information relevant to their situation, preferences and state of mind. Every day they interact with platforms such as Netflix and Spotify, which tailor their offerings to individual tastes.

These travelers are also exposed to OTAs and other travel intermediaries that greatly leverage personalization to create a more relevant and personalized experience for them.

To compete in this environment, your hotel needs to step up its own personalization game.

Otherwise, your direct booking strategy won’t live up to its full potential.

You’ll spend lavishly on brand marketing and PPC (Pay-Per-Click) campaigns to drive potential customers to your website, then quickly lose them when the experience doesn’t meet their expectations.

To optimize your hotel’s direct bookings, focus on your hotel’s website first to convert more ‘visitors’ into ‘bookers’ – and capture as much of that direct demand as possible.

As the world’s leading provider of CRM (customer relationship management) technology for hotels, Cendyn’s mission is to make CRM technology more accessible and easier to use for hoteliers and their guests.

The Cendyn Hospitality Cloud – a vertically integrated cloud platform – gives hotels the tools to take control of their direct booking channel, improve brand loyalty and increase profitability.

At a time when hoteliers are forced to do more with less, a strategic technology partner who can provide them with the scale, reach and stability needed to improve efficiency and performance can be a valuable resource.

To download Cendyn’s Final Guide for website personalization tactics to drive direct bookings.

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