A new brand and website aim to introduce Horowhenua as a destination

A new Horowhenua brand campaign has been launched.

Horowhenua has a new brand campaign aimed at showcasing the area as both a tourist destination and a place to live.

Launched last week alongside the new Horowhenuanz.co.nz website, it also features two buzzwords.

A slogan is launched to visitors, Come and find yourself: Huraina tō mata, while another is addressed to those who already live in Horowhenua: Ko tēnei whenua, tōku kāinga – This land, my home.

According to a press release from the Horowhenua District Council, the brand was a collaborative project that “took several months to prepare”.

Local businesses, community and interest groups, iwi/hapū, rangatahi, elected officials and tour operators were invited to participate in a branding workshop.

“From there, the team learned what makes Horowhenua so unique,” the press release reads.

“With the goal of the Horowhenua brand renewal to develop a transformative brand narrative that celebrates the unique strengths of Horowhenua.

A new Horowhenua brand campaign has been launched.
A new Horowhenua brand campaign has been launched.

“The tono, or call to action, came from the idea that the whenua embraces and nurtures people, whether they choose to live or visit.”

The press release says he explored the “only in the Horowhenua will you find” proposition.

“It was obvious that our uniqueness comes from the whenua and its relationship with its people.”

Managing Directors of Muaūpoko Tribal Authority, Rangitāne and Ngāti Raukawa ki te Tonga were interviewed as part of the brand workshop.

“Di Rump, Chief Executive Officer of the Muaūpoko Tribal Authority, also a member of the steering group, said ‘Horohenua is rich in culture, history and opportunity.

“It has been exciting to work in partnership with the council to deliver a project that recognizes our shared aspirations for sustainability, inclusiveness and growth,” Rump said.

The press release continued: “It is no coincidence that Horowhenua has the shortest distance in Aotearoa between Maunga and Moana and this unique microcosm has provided for its inhabitants and inevitably allowed them to thrive and thrive. thrive, be it tangata whenua, early settlers, market gardeners, or the many growers and businesses that live in Horowhenua today.

“Developing the Horowhenua brand and the opportunities that would arise from it were initially identified as a priority after growth in Horowhenua visitor spending per capita surpassed New Zealand between 2016 and 2019.

“This largely organic growth led to a review of Horowhenua as a destination and subsequently the Horowhenua Destination, Development and Management Plan 2020-2030 was commissioned.

A new Horowhenua brand campaign has been launched.
A new Horowhenua brand campaign has been launched.

“It was natural for the Horowhenua District brand to reflect the enduring and rewarding natural elements of the whenua. The purpose of the design was to visually represent the Horo aspect of our rohe name – the majestic Tararua Range and the many puna, wetlands .and various types of wai – be they lakes, rivers, streams or oceans.

“It shows that our rohe has important connecting places in Taitoko, Te Awahou, Manakau, Waikawa, Shannon, Tokomaru and Ōpiki and the design is closer to the shape of a coastline rather than a simple river or river. ‘a stream, reflecting Horowhenua and its place – on the west coast of the Lower North Island.

Mayor Bernie Wanden was part of the steering group and said: “As a resident of Horowhenua I have always known that we live in a very special part of the world.

“The thought and commitment that has gone into this work and the resulting results is something we can all be proud of.”

The website features places to go, things to do, major events, with links to accommodation options.

“Boasting Aotearoa’s shortest distance between the mountains and the sea and home to the only perpendicular dune system in the world, Horowhenua has long been valued for its unique and fertile whenua,” the website states.

“The unique microcosm of Horowhenua has given rise to a multitude of food producers, Horowhenua often being referred to as the vegetable bowl of the North Island.

“Home to Muaūpoko, Ngāti Raukawa Ki te Tonga, and Rangitāne, Horowhenua has a rich cultural heritage. From stories of the legendary seven-foot-tall Waitaha people, Patupaiarehe or fairies who are said to have inhabited the Makahika Valley, to forts and sophisticated warriors. It is said to possess the ability to walk on water – the Horowhenua holds many taonga close to its heart.”

The brand campaign runs until the end of November.

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