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An Iranian who claimed to be a child has been ‘unmasked as an adult’ after joining a dating group for people aged 30 to 55. Aria Ibrahimi arrived unaccompanied in the UK in May 2020 and claimed to be 16.

The Home Office did not dispute Mr Ibrahimi’s claims and he was taken into the care of Kent County Council as a minor.

Social workers were suspicious of the Iranian man’s age and, in documents submitted to an Interior Ministry hearing, one noted that he “had some gray hair” and believed that he was in his late twenties or early thirties.

It was also noted that his “facial features were defined and without the soft features of a youth”.

In January 2021, Mr Ibrahimi was moved to an adult accommodation at the Ministry of Interior, with the risk of being evicted.

He then sought a judicial review, which was denied, and a social worker told a hearing that Mr Ibrahimi had visited several groups for universities on social media.

He also joined dating lists for people aged 19-25 and 30-55, and told one person his year of birth was “1997, but here I am 2003” in an online chat. line.

Reviewers also pointed to multiple flaws in his account of how he arrived in the UK.

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Superior Court Judge Susan Kebede refused the review, agreeing that his date of birth was September 20, 1997.

It has been determined that Mr Ibrahimi is 25 years old and is now at risk of deportation.

Photos of the man show him protesting with a piece of paper bearing the logo of the Democratic Party of Iranian Kurdistan (PDKI), a Kurdish nationalist group that resists the Iranian regime.

In another photo, he can be seen protesting the execution in Iran near the Iranian Embassy in London.

It comes after Ministry of Defense (MoD) figures confirmed that 656 people crossed the English Channel on Friday.

The MoD confirmed 15 boats were also intercepted on the same day, marking the 12th time the daily toll reached over 600 in 2022.

So far in 2022, 32,321 crossings have been recorded, beating the 28,561 crossings recorded in 2021.

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