Loan Despite Negative Private Credit Entry – Apply Securely


In order to be able to claim a loan despite a negative private credit entry, one must be willing to accept a few detours for borrowing. Because the classic recording is unfortunately not possible with a negative private credit.

However, with a bit of customization and finding the right loan offer, much can be achieved.

For fast readers – explained briefly

  • Loans with negative private credit are always special loans, where the credit check is made without the private credit score
  • The loan approval is made only because it succeeds to refute the bad prognosis of the private credit
  • Apply for the individually matching loan offer, while the comparison calculator helps with
  • Please make your loan application – now without obligation
  • The software checks immediately and proposes you individually suitable loan offers

What is a negative private credit entry

What is a negative private credit entry

Loan despite negative private credit entry – find practical solutions

The private credit is a horror for many consumers. They see it as an obstacle, which proves to be quite high when a loan is to be concluded or contracts signed.

Because then the private credit is queried. And if negative results appear in this query, they can quickly lead to the rejection of the planned project.

Negative entries in private credit always indicate open liabilities that could not be serviced or can not be serviced. The expert therefore distinguishes between completed negative entries and open entries.

These are done when the debt has been repaid, but the entry still remains in the private credit. As a rule, this is only deleted 2 years after completion at the end of the year.

With a bankruptcy this is even 3 years to the end of the year. The entries are always pending, if the debt is still open.

For example, if loan installments are not paid or if insurance companies have reported outstanding contributions. Even open telephone bills can lead to negative entries in the private credit.

Many providers are there quite fast when reporting the outstanding liabilities to the private credit.

Loan despite negative private credit entry – the search

Loan despite negative private credit entry - the search

In Germany, banks only lend money if the borrower has a positive private credit. With a loan despite negative private credit entry this would not be the case.

The loan seeker therefore has the choice to apply for the loan despite negative private credit entry either with the help of a solvent second borrower or to search for borrowing for offers abroad. Both options allow borrowing and bring their very own benefits.

The payday loan

The payday loan

In the case of a payday loan, it is often Bank from Liechtenstein, which provides the required credit. If the borrower brings a fixed income with him, he can expect a maximum loan amount of 7500 euros.

The recording takes place via the Internet and the payment of the money to the account of the borrower. A guarantor does not have to be named.

However, a fixed residence and a German bank account must be presented for the fixed income. The private credit is not queried, an entry of the credit in the private credit is also not.

The second borrower in the borrowing

The second borrower in the borrowing

If the loan is taken despite negative private credit entry with the help of a solvent second borrower, regular loan offers can be used within Germany. Our loan calculator shows what they are.

The bank will query the private credit from both borrowers. Since a query is granted a positive, only the income and possibly other collateral must vote, so that borrowing can take place.

Which collateral may need to be named depends on the loan amount and the type of loan selected. The second borrower should be carefully selected.

He is liable as well as the actual borrower for the loan. A loan despite negative private credit entry should therefore only be taken if the repayment is secured.

Otherwise you bring a really uninvolved person into financial difficulties, which only wanted to help, so that the loan can be put into action.