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All credit inquiries you make with us, be it a normal instant payday loan or a payday loan without Private Credit, are always free and non-binding. What you can rely on:

  • favorable interest rates
  • guaranteed free of charge and without obligation
  • TÜV approved consulting process
  • high acceptance rate

We tailor a loan offer taking into account your financial situation at the most favorable interest rate. Even a bad Private Credit will not deter us.

So you get a payday loan even with negative Private Credit!

So you get a loan even with negative Private Credit!

If you have a negative rating or at least no flawless rating, ideally you should apply directly for a loan without Private Credit. For these loans, the query of Private Credit is completely waived.

Also, the credit is not noted in the Private Credit. In order to get a loan with negative Private Credit, you have to choose a suitable provider.

The provider should of course offer Private Credit-free loans. Matching providers can be found in the free and independent credit comparison of our compan. Here the offerers are listed, which issue also without inquiry of the Private Credit a credit. Of course, these loans are not free of the corresponding collateral that a borrower still has to meet.

Requirements for a payday loan without Private Credit

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  • The minimum age is 18 years upon application
  • The maximum age is 75 years upon application
  • The borrower must have a permanent residence in Germany
  • A regular income (civil servants, pensioners, the self-employed, employees)

Even with a negative Private Credit the borrower must have an income for a Private Credit-free loan.

This circumstance can not be changed, after all, the monthly installments are paid via the income. A non-scholar loan can be applied for directly here if there is an income. Simply select the cheapest provider for your loan amount and term.

Afterwards you can fill in and submit the necessary loan application directly online. This will be processed immediately for you. So you have the opportunity to get a loan even with a negative Private Credit and a bad Private Credit rating.

Are payday loans without Private Credit also suitable for the self-employed?

Are loans without Private Credit also suitable for the self-employed?

Even self-employed people can apply for a loan without Private Credit. For self-employed people, the loan without asking the Private Credit even has other benefits. Banks ask the internal Private Credit rating, but also contribute new loans to the Private Credit. As a result, each new loan automatically deteriorates the valuation in the Private Credit, so that self-employed people can take out a loan without Private Credit.

This has the advantage that other loans do not have to suffer from a too low valuation at the Private Credit. With self-employed find suitable Private Credit-free loans, which are in their conditions very beneficial for borrowers. The favorable interest rates increase the profitability of the loan. Through flexible monthly installments and maturities, the amount of monthly installments can be adjusted to variable income of self-employed.

Self-employed persons quickly gain assurance and planning certainty through the rapid examination and approval of Private Credit-free loans. The waiver of the query of Private Credit usually also has a positive effect on the creditworthiness of the applicant. Self-employed can be ascribed a higher credit rating, which is advantageous because many freelancers and entrepreneurs have a variable income. Since the loan does not appear in the Private Credit, suppliers and business partners continue to receive a good rating as information.

A small example – the own car without Private Credit

A small example - the own car without Private Credit

The practical use of a payday loan without Private Credit should be explained using the example of your own car. If for different reasons a new car is bought, this is usually almost always financed by a loan. In particular, new cars now cost so much that they can hardly be paid at one go.

So, when a loan becomes due, people with a bad Private Credit rating should directly take out a non-scholar loan. When buying a car, there are two options. For example, to finance a simple used car over a conventional installment loan without Private Credit query. On the other hand, there are also Private Credit-free car loans, with the help of which the financing of a new car is possible. Which variant is chosen, depends primarily on the required loan amount.

A very cheap used car, which costs only a small four-digit amount or less, can be financed via a installment loan. Private Credit-free installment loans are free in their use, which is why a private car can be bought from the sum of money. As a rule, the bank tries to compensate for the missing security of the Private Credit query. For car financing, the vehicle registration remains mostly with the bank, until the loan has been fully reconciled – as additional security.

This is then handed over to the borrower and car owner at the last installment. An income is necessary for car loans without Private Credit.

A payday loan is also possible without asking the Private Credit, as long as the budding borrower has a sufficiently strong income. The online credit without Private Credit is available on the Internet at various providers, so that future borrowers can take advantage of the best Private Credit offer.

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