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We are pleased to announce that Fast Cash has been recognized in the Annual Best Online Instant Charts Ranking 2018 prepared by the loan comparison service, Borrow, taking in the prestigious THIRD PLACE!


Payday loans near me online with no faxing required 

Loan ranking, in which Quick Cash took third place, was prepared by one of the most popular payday loans comparisons. They gather information on currently the best loan services in one place. Using this tool is free and allows you to save time – instead of browsing the websites of subsequent lenders yourself, we can get acquainted with the loan terms in several minutes even dozens of loan companies!

Online payday loans at are online services that help borrowers quickly borrow money. 

The instant loan comparison engine EasyCash has been following the loan market for several years, which is why its monthly loan rankings include new lenders as well as current offers and promotions. The website has an extensive loan search engine that allows you to find a loan according to specific criteria, e.g. loan amount, repayment period, or the age of the borrower.


Fast Cash is one of the three best payday loans in 2018!


Fast Cash is one of the three best payday loans in 2018!

Taking third place in the Annual Best Online payday loan Ranking 2018, we proved that we perfectly recognize the needs of borrowers and we can quickly adapt our offer to them. And why have we been appreciated by the jury?

Fast Cash offers the highest first loan for free!

The ranking appreciated Fast Cash, primarily for the amount of the first loan for free, which is $ 6,000 and is currently the highest on the Polish loan market!

Easy loan repayment thanks to a longer repayment period

However, this is not all – our online loans have proved to be unmatched when it comes to the repayment period, which in the standard offer is up to 65 days, which is unique among payday loans. Thanks to its extension, our customers can easily repay the loan within the prescribed period, and if it turns out to be too short, they can additionally use the option of its extension.


Fast Cash has loans for everyone – even for very young people!

Fast Cash has loans for everyone - even for very young people!

Quick Cash was also awarded for the fact that only adults of all ages have a chance to borrow from us – we offer loans from 18 years of age as well as loans for older people without an upper age limit.


Even simpler and faster formalities – the name obliges!

We are extremely pleased that the Ranking also recognized the exceptionally simple and quick procedure for applying for a loan on our website. Our clients’ opinions confirm this – most of them praise our service for allowing them to borrow money “quickly and efficiently”.

Thank you for the trust of our customers, as well as for the high rating in the Ranking. In the upcoming 2019 we will do our best to surprise you with even better offers, interesting promotions and always be a reliable lender for you, in which you will be able to count on quick cash injection in every situation.

Unsecured loans: No mandatory tax compromises


Debt therapy is just a service where people buy tips on how to proceed with their existing debt status. They will help you on your budget, tips on how to prevent particular debt problems, as well as help you develop a long-term debt reduction approach. Sounds like a nice service, right? Effective. Yes and no. First of all, let’s be honest with ourselves. Are we actually in this situation since we don’t know how to pay our debts back?

My hypothesis is not at all. Probably it is one a) We can’t afford it at that time ow) We chose not to. Today, unless you are looking for a friend’s obligation and you want to pay upfront after that again at the back end that you can, like this option as soon as your credit suffers. This really is also an easy method for many credit card companies to hide their collection strategies.

Debt reduction and consolidation

Debt reduction and consolidation

Going through debt reduction and consolidation will allow you to get out of debt starting from 24 to three years. Did you know that if you proceed to pay for minimum funds for your credit cards you would consider around 15 to twenty years for you to have from debt. Can you imagine paying taxes and interest rates on a monthly basis for that next twenty years? This is a waste of money that would have been quickly put on your savings or to help even pay-down the mortgage. Today, even here, the guide to help you start decreasing and consolidating debt.

When you have a modest income and difficulty in running home developments, you can contemplate having a mortgage. Generally class individuals have profits that are modest that are minimal as well as in the presence of life they must cope with countless needs. Whether you consolidate your obligations or you want to buy a car, a lot of money will be needed. In case you could easily get cheap loans to meet your needs it is generally a nice reduction.

Usually this is not the case, although sometimes debt is inevitable. You have several alternatives, while income is small; going into debt is simply the easiest. Instead of choosing the debt, make more money and you may have chosen to work overtime, or possibly the belt could have tightened and spent less money. Debt was not the only alternative.

While it reaches the level once you can’t spend your entire monthly payments you need to make a decision on the method that you can pay off your creditors. One of the wisest methods is always to have a mortgage and then spend it and all of it just having the mortgage transaction left to rest.

Take a look at construction loans

Take a look at construction loans

Anyone interested in land and property packages should take a look at construction loans. These home loans are used to pay for the land along with the home. The contractor is settled in installments, which attracts the mortgage as the residence was designed. Through the construction phase, the payments are of attention only in line with the balance of the mortgage that is guided downwards. This can be among the most cost-effective approaches to buying property and home plans.

Arizona – Home prices could be down 13% within the Grand Canyon Condition, but there are certainly plenty of other things that are fantastic that this state has opting for it. The current weather is wonderful and the condition also offers various life options. In case you are looking for urban atmosphere, for a fashion and not old, check out Tempe – residence of Arizona State University. If you buy more rural environment, but still want the ability to be close to the location, search for properties at Casa Grande, known as “The Center of Arizona”.